Saturday, August 8, 2009

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Hello dear readers,

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Marbee & Cynthia

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Poem for The Mother of Democracy  


WE'd like to share this beautiful poem by our friend, accessories designer Cholo Ayuyao from Pampanga and photos at Manila Cathedral taken this morning by Geoffrey Yusooncho (whose wedding WE featured a few issues ago)

A Poem for The Mother of Democracy
by Cholo Ayuyao

Her family mourned, unselfishly
Her country, drenched in yellow confetti
streets, lines of people
hearts, rivers of tears

yellow, bright... bitter sweet
songs of praise
half mast raise
honoring our mother of freedom
silently watching from the kingdom...

sorry if we've been disobedient
sorry if we sometimes did wrong...
sorry if as your children we've strayed far
and sorry as citizens we seemed to forget...
like a mother, you still forgive and inspired many to do right...

further on, her message states
to take care of the thing she fought for
the freedom, enabled us to have a voice
today, tomorrow we should be thankful for...

her crying children, forced to share
the only mother they've known
to the country who grieves with them...
at the end of the day, realized
in her eyes
we are all citizens of this country.

goodbye our mother of democracy...
goodbye our yellow rose...
bloomed, wilted and now ready to shed...
shed the seeds of her sacrifices
for the country she loved unfazed...

the orphaned Philippines will miss you greatly
Our president, our mother, our giver of freedom...
thank you.

Let's not forget today, for tomorrow.

image courtesy of Cholo Ayuyao

Thank you Geoffrey and Kats Yusooncho for these photos

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WE have a winner! And the number is....  


12. Congratulations to Tisha S. Cue!

(To Tisha, pls email me ( an address we can deliver your Coffee Bean GC to, =))

Here are all 12 girls...

12 models, 1 photographer, 1 stylist, 6 make-up stylists and 4 hairstylists =
a bridal magazine fashion editorial like no other bridal magazine fashion editorial.

This cover cum fashion editorial shoot was actually one of the fastest shoots we`ve ever done for the magazine- and contrary to what some would think, the girls in the photo above were shot all at the same time and not individually - no one blinked!

How could they? With Doc Marlon (in striped-blue shirt) art directing, the shots are always perfect.

Does this towering beauty look familiar to you? One of the most beautiful faces WE`ve seen is Valerie Weignmann (who once joined PBB)

Ladies in waiting...

Anyway, only a few more days till the full issue-

Have a `hoppy` Tuesday everyone,

Thanks to everyone who joined (Charisse, Leo, Karen, and Tisha). To Aggie Coll and Cheryl Acuna- Castillo: for some reason, your answers won`t appear online, will have it checked by the weblog guru (a.k.a Cynthia =)) tomorrow. But thank you still for participating!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Sunday everyone! =)  


Here`s a little something to perk up your day.

These girls are on the cover of the upcoming issue which will be released in the market this week. They are not however, the only ones-

Does this sound like an intro to a contest? Because it is!

WE Issue 10 Contest # 2

Guess how many `cover girls` WE have in this upcoming issue- 6? 8? 9? 10? 12? Like in our previous contest, the first person who answers correctly, via the comments section, wins a prize.
*To the people involved in this photo shoot- you know the drill =) Sorry!

And the prize is.....a Php 1,000.00 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf GC.

That`s about 7 delicious cups of African Sunrise tea latte (or Moroccan Mint tea latte that you can treat your friends/ officemates with- to make tomorrow an equally happy Monday.


WE love you Piolo! (and Garage!)  


Happy birthday to our publishing groups`s GARAGE magazine =) Congratulations Rey ,September,Jobs, Eds and Castan for a job well done.

Garage is available at all bookstores and magazine stands starting today.
Pls get a copy and drool over, I mean, admire, yes, admire and appreciate this hot, hot actor whom WE love

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rest In Peace former President Cory Aquino
Thank you

More clues  


1. I guess the backgound in the photo is a dead giveaway- where else do we have pine trees in this country, right?

2. Two is tricky as it looks like a set-up made inside any place so here are more clues for two.
a. Locally, it`S called the City of Angels (by whom that`s a differnt story, =))
b. The city is part of the province, that is the culinary capital of the Philippines

3. This is where the Philippines` first 6-star resort is. The same all Filipino chain operates a luxe-cozy-homey bed and breakfast place in Tagaytay.

Ok, ready, get set...go!!!
WE hope to have a winner tomorrow, so WE can put up another contest, =)